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convert PayPal transactions to IIF, QIF or OFX files

csv2iif.pl is a program to convert PayPal CSV (command separated values) files to IIF files to import into Intuit Quickbooks.
paypal2iif.pl is a program to automatically download PayPal transactions and create an IIF file for Quickbooks.

paypal2ofx1.pl is a program to download PayPal transactions and convert them to OFX v1.0.3 files to import into accounting software like GnuCash.
paypal2qif.pl is a program to download PayPal transactions and convert them to QIF files. These can be imported into accounting software like GnuCash or Quickbooks.

These are command line perl programs designed for advanced users. They are provided free of charge for anyone to use. If you like these programs you can donate to the author to support future development. You will need a PayPal business account to download transactions from PayPal automatically. You'll need to configure your merchant username, password and signature for the PayPal Signature API (see section Creating an API signature).


  • command line programs which can be included in custom scripts.
  • read PayPal CSV files of the Balance Affecting Payments type.
  • download transactions for PayPal business account.
  • write IIF, OFXv1 or QIF files which can be imported into software like Quickbooks, GnuCash.
  • custom mapping of PayPal transaction titles to Quickbooks/GnuCash account names.
  • detect unique PayPal transactions and prevent them from appearing in the IIF/QIF more than once.


Study the README.txt and INSTALL.txt files for a description how to install, setup and use these programs. These files are also included in the downloads below.


The file archives available for download below contain all programs.

Date OsX,Linux,*BSD Windows
2019-02-24 csv2iif-2019-02-24.tar.gz
2015-11-15 csv2iif-2015-11-15.tar.gz csv2iif-2015-11-15.zip


You can contact the author by writing an email to: Dirk Jagdmann <doj@cubic.org>


If you find this program useful you can support future developments by donating any amount you find appropriate to the author's PayPal account using the following button. Future features may include:

  • creating more Quickbooks objects like customers, invoices, sales receipt.
  • better editing of account names.

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