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patches to various software

Various patches we have made to software and which are not yet included in the official sources.

Quick Link Patch - Adds a quicklink list to standard widget sets. Currently QT and GTK1.2 are supported.

libirman 0.4.2 This patch will reset your Irman upon each init of the library. Otherwise the libirman could be started just once, because it did not find the irman afterwards. Use the libirman 0.4.2 library.

My collection of XMMS patches.

I have optimized the html output of the famous info2html program resulting in my version: info2html-llg. It was based upon the patches to info2html by the KDE developers for their Konqueror browser. And if you would like to use this code with KDE as well, apply my patch to $KDEDIR/share/apps/kio_info/kde-info2html.

I have made a patch to QT/Embedded 3.3.x so it can accept user defined keyboard maps. A sample map for the german layout is provided.

Some patches for xpdf.

My XawAudacious skin for the audacious music player.

A generic audio handler for Mozilla Applications lets you use any audio player to handle (streamed) audio in mozilla.

The FreeBSD port of Embperl 1.3.6 was removed in 2009. If you still want to use Embperl 1.x on FreeBSD, you can use my port p5-HTML-Embperl.tar.gz. After unpacking the tarball change into the created directory, then start building with make. Compilation of Embperl will fail, because a current perl 5.10 (or later) is somehow generating wrong Embperl code. Then execute sh Embperl.c.fix.sh followed by another run of make.
Another issue I've found it, that the compiled Embperl can crash when executing a [$foreach$] block. I have not found the reason or a solution, but you can easily rewrite your perl to a [$while$] block and iterating over the elements manually.

VMware Server 2.0.2 Linux patches

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