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DMX4Linux 2.6 - A DMX device driver package for Linux
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DMX is the industry standard for controlling lighting devices. DMX4Linux gives you access to a wide range of DMX interfaces with the Linux operating system.


2009-04-03 Maintaining the dmx4linux drivers gets more frustrating with every new release of the Linux kernel. The kernel people simply don't stop to change their internal APIs and it is really difficult for a small project like this to keep track of the ever evolving/changing kernel. We're currently preparing a new release for a fairly new Linux 2.6 kernel, however we know that it'll probably be outdated the day it is released.

2008-04-24 DMX4Linux 2.6.1 released. Which fixes the build process.

2007-09-14 DMX4Linux 2.6 released. The first release to support linux 2.6 kernels, but not all drivers have been ported yet.

2005-04-06 DMX4Linux 2.5 released. With bugfixes and new drivers.

2003-01-25 DMX4Linux 2.4 released. With bugfixes and new drivers.

2002-06-12 DMX4Linux 2.3 released. Many drivers updates and fixes.


A snapshot of our development tree is generated whenever something changes in the tree. You can download those snapshot archives and see if they work on your machine.


The current code base for the dmx4linux drivers has become hardly managable and features many functions which are not used. We are currently collecting ideas how to redesign the drivers for a simpler future usage. Our thoughts about the new design are collected on a separate page.


Michael Stickel <michael@cubic.org>

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