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DMX4Linux 2.6 - A DMX device driver package for Linux
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DMX512 Interfaces supported by dmx4linux

Commercial Interfaces
enlight interface EnLight
1 Output buffered ISA interface
lpr2dmx interface Lighting Solutions LPR2DMX
  • LPR2DMX1 1 Output unbuffered
  • LPR2DMX2 2 Output unbuffered
  • LPR2DMX3 1 Output unbuffered
Parport interfaces
Not working in dmx4linux 2.6
usb2dmx interface Rodin1 Lighting Solutions USB2DMX / Pepperoni Lighting Rodin1&2
1 Input/Output buffered
USB interface
Plug'n'Play - no configuration required.
enttec usb interface Enttec usb
Circuit Cellar usb interface
and possibly other interfaces based on the FTDI chip
1 Output universe
Plug'n'Play - no configuration required.
sunlite usbdmx2 sunlite2 / Soundlight USBDMX2
The driver only compiles with kernels < 2.6.20.
1 Output or 1 Input
USB interface
Plug'n'Play - no configuration required.
The sunlite1 ist not supported yet, the Soundlight USBDMX-IN is untested yet.
1512 interface SoundLight SLH1512 family
  • SLH1512A,B,B/LC 1 Output
  • SLH1512C 2 Output, 2 Input
ISA interfaces
2514 interface SoundLight 1514/2514
2/4 Input/Output universes
PCI interface
Plug'n'Play - no configuration required.
2512/digimedia interface Not included in dmx4linux 2.6
2 Lines, each as Input or Output buffered
PCMCIA interface
!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!! Don't plug it into an iPAQ. The iPAQ will destroy the attribute memory of this card.
dmxpcp interface SoundLight SLH2512A
Works, but sometimes produces garbage on output slots.
1xOut + 1xIn merged to Out
Parallel Port
Free/Do-It-Yourself Interfaces
dmx43 interface DMX43
2 Output, 2 Input all buffered
ECP parallel port
avr dmx-512 interface AVR DMX-512 Dongle
1 Output 255 slots buffered
1 Input 127 slots buffered (not working yet)
SPP parallel port
oksid interface OksiD DMX 3/1
3 Output, 1 Input
SPP parallel port
120 Slots Output
SPP parallel port
dummy interface dummy driver
which can simulate any number of universes.

DMX interfaces scheduled for later releases

Name Picture Inputs/Outputs Bus Status
DMX-Dongle donglePIC2 interface 1xOut Parallel Port free/do-it-yourself
DMX-Creator MK2 dmx-creator mk2 interface 2xOut, 1xIn Parallel Port commercial
Digimedia dmxadp dmxadp interface 1xIn, 1xOut Parallel Port commercial
Dove Systems Starport starport interface 512 channels out
doc1, doc2
parallel port commercial
Artistic License DMX-Dongle 2 dmx-dongle 2 interface 512 channels out
parallel port commercial
DMX-Creator USB dmx-creator usb interface 2xOut, 1xIn
info page
USB commercial
Digital Enlightenment USB-DMX Interface USB-DMX Interface 1xOut, 1xIn USB free
Cast WYG-it2 cast wyg-it2 interface 2xIn USB commercial
Colorkinetics Smartjack 3 smartjack 3 interface 1xOut USB commercial
Ecue Twilight, Nano+ ecue twilight interface 512, 256 channels out USB commercial
Sunlite1 USB sunlite1 interface sunlite1 interface new package 512 channels out USB commercial
Ben Suffolk's USB interface ben suffolk's interface 512 channels out USB free
oksid USB -> DMX512 oksid usb interface 512 channels out USB free
Dworkin-DMX 512 channels out rs232, USB free
Sidewinder sidewinder interface 1xOut
RS232 commercial
Madsystems DMXtra 2xIn, 2xOut RS232 commercial
Ecue Nano ecue nano interface 192 - 256 channels out RS232 commercial

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