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2out 2in EPP
LED Hardware
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EPROM Sampler
for 8 bits of sound
Linux drivers for MK3/4 PCI
PostgreSQL replication
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various documentation

Some texts we have written to aid you in various situations.

Design and Evolution of Lighting Protocols

Rescue a hard disk, with broken sectors.

Connect digital joystick to SPP parallel port using the Linux Joystick Driver.

Audiosynthese Principlies of digital audio synthesis. Dirk Jagdmann held a presentation at his university. (in german)

Scanned Installation Guide for a Gravis Ultra Sound (GUS) 16-bit recording option also known as daughterboard. Also in PDF.

The master's thesis in Betriebswirtschaftliche Datenverarbeitung, which is the computer science branch of German business administration studies, called Leistungsfähigkeit von kryptografischen Verfahren im Hinblick auf Vertraulichkeit, Verbindlichkeit und Verfügbarkeit (109 pages postscript) by bobobear.
The thesis deals with the need for strong cryptography in business environments and its ability to provide privacy, liability (through authentication & nonrepudiation), as well as accessibility in cyberspace. A review of basic cryptographic terms and principles is conducted and the most common crpytographic primitives are discussed and later evaluated and compared as to their performance in respect to the above goals. The work concludes with recommendations to users and implementors of cryptography and a summary.

Pinout of the internal PS/2 connector of the Gigabyte GA-6LA7.

XFree86 configuration for a 7 button usb mouse. and XFree86 compilation guide.

Booten eines Linux-Kernels mittels des VxWorks Bootloaders describes how to boot the Linux kernel via the VxWorks bootloader. (in german)

Entwicklung eines Abrechnungssystems für Rheumatherapien (PDF) (in german)

GNU make and X11 makedepend as Win32 binaries.

various stuff for booting Linux via USB.

A table of all HTML 4 Character Entities. My perl package to convert character entities to LaTeX code: ent2latex.pm. And my general HTML test page.

Various settings and tweaks for Mozilla and it's relatives.

Some tips about using xmms.

Sheets with various contents to print.

Use the HP-2960 multimedia keyboard with linux and X11.

Use the Acronis TrueImage Workstation CD for network boot.

The talk doj gave on TNG's Big Tech Day 2008 on The Farbrausch Way to make Demos.

Parts description and electrical wiring of my old now defunct GE dish washer.

Notes on the Sony HDZ235 DVD Player.

VMware kernel configurations for different open source operating systems.

How to use fetchmail to create a copy/backup of your IMAP mailboxes.

Various measures of Hobie catamarans.

A description how to erase elements from a C++ STL map or set in a loop.

A description of the JUnit XML reporting file format as used by the Jenkins software.

scanned owner's manual for the:

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