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CatWeasel MK3/4 Linux driver

This driver accesses the SID, Amiga Keyboard and joystick features of the CatWeasel MK3 PCI and mice with the CatWeasel MK4 PCI by Individual Computers. You can use joysticks or paddles connected to the CatWeasel card just like any other joystick within Linux and you can use an Amiga keyboard as a second keyboard for input. If you have attached a SID chip, you can use it with various software like VICE and SIDplayer. If you want to use the floppy features please use Michael Krauses Floppy CatWeasel Driver or the driver by Karsten Scheibler.


2009-02-09 Updated MK3 driver for recent Linux kernels.
2005-04-22 Repackaged 20050421 driver, because of build problems.
2005-04-21 First driver for the MK4. Works with Linux 2.6 only.
2004-11-05 New Version of Linux 2.6 driver which contains fixes for kernels >= 2.6.8 and m3u playlist support for sidplayer.
2004-01-02 The first Linux 2.6 driver is released. Development for Linux 2.4 is stopped, however I will fix critical bugs in the 2.4 drivers.


Linux 2.4 catweasel-20030531.tar.gz
Linux 2.6 cw-20041105.tar.gz

You can also find the driver on our ftp server.


The following software is capable of using the CatWeasel SID.
  • Our own sidplayer sid which is included in the driver archive.
  • The software SIDPlayer for unix and beos.
  • Vice Commodore Emulator.
  • Goattracker


Development of the MK3 has halted, as all features of this card have been implemented. If all joystick and keyboard functions of the MK4 are supported by this driver the code will be merged with the hardsid/catweasel drivers, which provide a better support for the SID chip. If that combination reaches a stable stable, we'll look into merging with the floppy codes from Michael Krause.

Help Needed

If you are an SID expert and can help in improving our SID player or if you are an expert in patching software like ec64, Frodo etc. and you want to add support for the CatWeasel SID driver into this software please contact me and let me know.


Loosely related to this software is the old SiDBlaster project.

And perhaps you someday stuble accross the legendary SSI 2001 soundcard.

other drivers

The linux hardsid drivers now have support for the MK3 and MK4 as well. Although you currently have to use the CVS version.

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