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The EnLight dmx-interface distributed by ICCC.

Hardware configuration

The Jumper on top of the card is layed out as follows:

SW Bit Value
1 A19 0x8000(Always on)
2 A18 0x4000
3 A17 0x2000
4 A16 0x1000
5 A15 0x0800
6 A14 0x0400
7 A13 0x0200
8 A12 0x0100

For all switches that are set to the ON position add the value in the Value fields togeter and you have the segment-address where to find your card. You can use that value for the membase parameter. A valid value-range is 0xA000 to 0xEF00. Each card uses 0x400 bytes of memory. However the range from 0xA000-0xC7FF is reserved for graphic adapters and 0xF000-0xFFFF is reserverd for bios.
To set the card to the standard address of 0xC800 set switches 1-3 on, 4-8 off.

If you want to use MSDOS software as well and use XMS,EMS memory with the emm386 driver, you have to exclude the memory used by the enlight interface. Please read configuring your system properly if you don't know how to setup emm386. If you have any remaining quesions, contact us, so we can provide better documentation on this topic.

Driver configuration


dmxenlight [ membase=<addr1> [,<addrN>]* ]
For use of the EnLight interface you should not need to set any parameter because it tries to find the interfaces using an autoprobe mechanism (in the range from 0xC800-0xEC00). In case you need to have them in a specific order for example if you have more than one would like to be sure to have them sorted in a defined order you may use the membase module parameter. You can insert a line into /etc/modules.conf that could look like:

options dmxenlight membase=0xD000,0xC800
In the example above the first interface with the first universe will be created to have an EnLight card at 0xD000 and the second interface with the second card is expected to be found at 0xC800.


The enlight driver from dmx4linux 2.4 may crash your linux kernel. We are working on this problem right now. Please use the DMX4Linux v2.3 driver, if the v2.4 driver does not run on your system.

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