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DMX4Linux 2.6 - A DMX device driver package for Linux
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Getting started

If you have successfully compiled and installed DMX4Linux you can try the following steps (as root) to test your installation.

  1. Insert the dummy module: modprobe dmxdummy. You should see some messages in your system logs telling you everything went well.
  2. Start the Curses DMX console in the tools/dmxconsole directory. You should be able to alter some channels.
  3. Start a second curses console. You should see updates from the other running program.
  4. If everything went all right you may try loading your hardware driver. Remove the dummy driver: modprobe -r dmxdummy
  5. Now load your hardware driver, for example modprobe dmxsoundlight or modprobe usb2dmx
  6. Now you should be able to control your lighting hardware with the applications

Working with dmx as a user

The driver will add a new group to your system named dmx (see file /etc/group). The two device nodes /etc/dmx and /etc/dmxin belong to this group. If you want to use your DMX applications with a user other than root, you should add that user to the group dmx with the following command (as root) usermod -G dmx <username>.

DMX4Linux - FAQ

Can be found on the FAQ Page

DMX4Linux applications

The following applications are part the DMX4Linux distribution. These are simple applications to control your dmx universes.
dmxconsole curses dmx application
midi2dmx converts midi messages to dmx slots

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