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Digimedia PCMCIA - SoundLight 2512A

PCMCIA (PC-Card) DMX interface featuring 2 switchable In/Outputs.

Driver configuration

There are currently two alternative drivers for this card in dmx4linux. If you choose NO for Digimedia PCMCIA / Soundlight 2512 then you can answer YES when asked for the alternative Digimedia PCMCIA / Soundlight 2512. Both drivers are marked as experimental and are possibly unstable. You have to try for yourself which one works best for you. And we're interested in your experiences with these two drivers. If you want to try the other driver be sure to issue a make uninstall from the toplevel dmx4linux source directory, because you'll mess up your pcmcia configuration otherwise.

The universe order is not always as implied from the labels on the interface. This is currently a known bug.

Hardware configuration

If the driver is installed correctly the card is recognized when inserted and the driver is loaded automatically.

Driver configuration


digimedia_cs [ directions=<input|output>,<input|output> ]
You can configure each of the two DMX connectors to act as either input or output. To have the interface initialized correctly when inserted into the cardslot, you should add a line like the following to your /etc/modules.conf file:

options digimedia_cs directions=output,input
Note that the configuration input,output is not valid for the device, even if you are able to set it. Later releases of the driver will handle input,output contiguration as output,input which is valid.

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