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cbmfs - a fuse filesystem for Commodore disk images

With cbmfs you can mount your 8-bit Commodore disk images into your local filesystem. Currently d64, d71, d81, d80, d82 images are supported in read and write mode.

To compile cbmfs you need the FUSE development files installed on your computer and to use cbmfs you have to enable the FUSE kernel module. The kernel module is normally loaded automatically if it has been compiled into your kernel.

To mount an image to /mnt execute the following command:
cbmfsmount image.d71 /mnt

cbmfs tries to resemble the commodore filetype by setting the unix file access permissions. If you change the file permissions on unix with chmod you can alter the commodore file type.

chmod 777  # set file to PRG
chmod 666  # set file to USR
chmod 000  # set file to DEL
chmod +t   # set file to @ using the sticky bit
chmod g+s  # set file to SEQ using the set-group bit
chmod 444  # set file to locked USR
chmod 555  # set file to locked PRG

Note that cbmfs is still in the development phase and may not work 100% correct. You should always work with a backup copy of the image you are mounting in case cbmfs will corrupt something on the image.


cbmfs-1.0.tar.gz released 2006-07-21 for fuse 2.x.
cbmfs-1.1.tar.gz released 2022-08-27 for fuse 3


For questions and suggestions contact the author: Dirk Jagdmann <doj@cubic.org>

Trivia and Links

The code was written from scratch and does not fork from the ancient read-only linux kernel filesystems for 1.1 to 2.0 kernel from Dan Fandrich or the linux 2.2 fs from David Weinehall.
A general purpose library to work with commodore images is diskimage.c from Per Olofsson.

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