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Software and scripts we have written in the past.

few a view viewer program with interactive regular expression filtering. It is similar to a combination of grep and less.

c++int a wrapper to execute C++ source code files without explictely compiling them.

Sony RM-X2S XMMS plugin. Use a Sony Joystick from car radios with XMMS.

Win-O-Matic an OpenGL program to announce winners of competitions.

scsiadd 1.97 lets you add and remove scsi devices from the Linux scsi subsystem on the fly. See the README and manpage for further details.
If you like to do it graphical you can try scsiaddgui. If your system lacks the /proc/scsi/scsi file you have to enable the following option in your kernel configuration: Device Drivers->SCSI device support->legacy /proc/scsi/ support.

cbmfs - a fuse filesystem to read Commodore 8-bit computer floppy images like .d64 and .d81. Those images can be mounted on an operating system with the fuse wrapper (for example linux) and files on the disk image can be accessed with your used tools.

qtpod a GUI to control a Line6 POD 2.0 or POD Pro guitar effects processor.

killcr will search through your directory recursivly and remove all DOS-style line feeds (\r\n) from your text files. It has a built in binary file check and file suffix check. Includes killws to strip traling whitespace from each line and addcr which adds DOS-style line feeds.

dumphex 0.5 prints files and stdin in hex mode with arbitrary bytes per row. Includes a head and tail mode.

lowerall a perl script, which will convert every file- and directoryname to lowercase, recursing through the subdirectories.

truncate a small c program which truncates your files to a specified length. For further details see the man page.

dojstream a C++ iostream compatible library.

pdimport a Windows CE application which imports contacts and calendar information into you Pocket PC from xml files.

apetag a command line program to extract APE Tags from a file.

mp3recode.pl a perl script to encode audio data to mp3. Currently handles .wav, .mpc, .ogg, .wma and .mp3 input files. ID3V1 tags are preserved whenever possible. If you want to handle .mpc files, please download apetag (above) as well.

Two perl scripts for m3u to pls conversion and vice versa. Use either m3u2pls or pls2m3u.

gnomecomp is a shell script to compile Gnome 2.12 from sources. The first invocation should be sh gnomecomp -get which will download all needed files. If compilation aborts you can fix any errors and restart compilation with sh gnomecomp.Rant to the GNOME maintainers: I can't understand why you're not able to make a source download directoriy which contains all needed software. With every GNOME release at least one software is missing on the official ftp servers.

buildapache is a shell script to build an Apache 1.3.x web server together with modperl, Embperl, SSL, modgzip and php5. And buildapache2 compiles Apache 2.2.x, mod_perl 2, Embperl 2, PHP5.

dojhttpd is a http server that only generates one html page. It use this simple perl script when I make maintainance on my main http server so users are informed the web service is down. This program is intended to be started from inetd. Use the following inetd.conf line: www stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/dojhttpd.

stripfilename will rename files so they should be easy usable with command line tools.

rndls will search for files in directories given to the command line and print an arbitrary number of random files to stdout.

A windows port of the the X11 program makedepend and a compiles GNU make for Windows.

mount.nrg is a shell script to mount Nero Burning ROM images (.nrg) via the loopback device as iso9660 volumes on linux.

beeper is a shell script which will beep every second forever. I use this after some long compile jobs to indicate it has finished ("make ; beeper").

pgm2cip.cpp is a small C++ program to convert grayscale images into the cip format used by Cisco's VOIP phones. Together with pgm2cip.sh which used ImageMagick's convert program you can convert any image to a cip. Currently the 2bit grayscale cip format is supported.

t64dump dumps all files contained in a t64 file and optionally converts the t64 into a d64.

sqlite3_pcre.c contains a function for SQLite 3 which lets you match string with regular expressions. The PCRE library is used which provides perl5 like regular expressions for C.

create table test ( s text );
insert into test values('this is a test');
insert into test values('foobar');
select * from test where pcre('i', s) > 0;
-- will return the row with 'this is a test'

sample2ps tools contains program to convert samples to postscript in various formats.

multimidicast sends and receives MIDI from Alsa sequencers over network.

Cisco XML Services for VoIP phones.

wavinfo will display the structure and chunk info of wav files. A sample output:

RIFF 5816 bytes type:WAVE
  fmt  16 bytes type:"WAVE_FORMAT_PCM" channels:1 rate:22050
  data 3724 bytes = 0:00:00
  fact 4 bytes sampleLength: 1414285638
  DISP 36 bytes text: Windows 95 Utopia Sound Scheme
  LIST 148 bytes INFO
      ICMT 70 bytes: Comments: Maz & Kilgore
208 W. 30th #701
New York, NY 10001
      ICOP 28 bytes: Copyright: 1995 Microsoft Corporation
      ISBJ 22 bytes: Subject: Utopia Critical Stop

wavmerge will concatenate multiple wav files.

wavshaper can amplify a .wav file to resemble the siluette of a picture.

pas2ps a port of the pascal to postscript compiler by Dulith Herath.

morkdump will dump the contents of files in the mozilla mork db format.

htmltable2latex.pm is a perl module to convert html tables to LaTeX code.

poor man's lint as a g++ wrapper.

pkg-plist.sh is a shell script to help in writing the pkg-plist file for FreeBSD ports.

dechexoctbin is a C++ program to convert numbers between 4 different base systems: decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary.

If you are annoyed by endless streams of "Re: Re: Re:" in your email subjects and you use procmail to filter your mails, here's a small mail filter written in perl to fix your subject lines: fixreaw.pl. It will cope with the german variant of "AW" as well. Use it in your .procmailrc with a recipe like this:
:0 f
| /usr/bin/fixreaw.pl

sshhackfilter is my perl script to set Linux Firewall (iptables) rules for SSH brute force login attempts.

dns_inc_serial is a small C program to increase the serial number in DNS zone files. A similar program is zsu. Use this program with my edit_zone shell script to fully automate editing, checking and reloading your bind zones.

fix_libtool_la a shell script which will change the location of libtool .la files in all your .la files on your harddisk. This comes handy when you have installed or moved a library and libtool now complains it can't find it anymore.

cmi a shell script which will configure, make and install a program from its source archive. If you have a .tar.bz2 or .tar.gz archive getting the program up and running is a easy as typing cmi coolsoftware-1.3.tar.bz2. You can leave out the archive filename and run the script from the source directory. It will generate any missing autoconf script by running an autogen.sh if present.

A socket connect wrapper library which is used to lower the default system connect() timeout.

setproctitle library 0.3.2 is an enhanced version of the library from Dmitry V. Levin which implements the setproctitle(3) function on Linux. We have added support for a leading "-" character to omit the program name in the process list and optimized memory access.
On Linux kernel versions >= 2.6.9 you can use the prctl(2) function with PR_SET_NAME, however it only allows up to 16 characters. The setproctitle library usually allows for longer titles. Your code would look like:

#include <sys/prctl.h>
prctl(PR_SET_NAME,"Program Name",0,0,0);

Message Digest Aggregate Functions for PostgreSQL is a collection of functions bundeled as a module to extent PostgreSQL's cryptographic abilities.

ext3create.sh is a shell script for convenient creation of ext3 file systems on Linux. You can also use vfatcreate.sh to create VFAT file systems on linux.

A Linux shell script to scan from a Canon Lide 25 USB scanner. You need the scanimage program from SANE.

A perl program top100.pl to convert the High Voltage SID Collection top 100 into WAV/MP3 with sidplay. And a similar program hvsc_convert.pl to convert a SID file from the High Voltage SID Collection to MP3.

CVS tools

I still like using CVS for version control, mainly because of the simple repository format, which lets me fix any problems or software confusion my manipulating (text) files. And often you can get a confused repository working again, by simply deleting a ,v or restoring it from a backup. You might loose some history on that file, but at least you have a working repository again. Below you'll find some tools I use along CVS to ease my daily work.

vc is a simple shell script for unified command line handling for CVS, subversion, git. It tries to provide the same semantics for some often used commands to these version control software.

cvsadd is a shell script to add files and directories recursively to a checked-out CVS directory. This script complements CVS's import command, since add doesn't not work recursively and import can only be used to create repositories.

cvsstatus is a perl script to produce one line summaries of modified files.

CVS MD5 Checksum is a hook program for a CVS repository to check the repository files for corruptions with MD5 checksums. To automatically set files as binary detected by their file extension I use this cvswrappers configuration.

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